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I do not know yet.

First, "2008" and "After 2009" -- new projects.

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Я был рожден в стране, строящей коммунизм, а прожил в обществе практикующем коммунизм. Государственные средства строительства коммунизма Америке, в экстазе коммуникаций, не нужны. Можно обьединять толпы парадами и очередями, а можно дорогами и интернетом. ...

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There will be no peace, unless I or God change the gender.

Theology of Technology
I have to make another "title" page, call it -- "doorway page," if you will.

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PS. I dumped the Diary'95 (1997) on this page. Why? I'll tell you later. (Read Father-Russia)

Blogs to list + new domains

This books is holding back my other writing projects. In order for me to finish SELF, I have to see some forms in POV (some of the chapters, texts and topics are even been moved from Self to POV). The same with TECH. Should I leave the Resurrection business comletely for that last book -- and address the reader in other books to TECH?

Bad Theories, Wrong Subjects

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Проблема Федорова не воскресение мертвых, в которое всегда верили христиане, а воскрешение мертвых.

Theology of Technology
Страницы "Теологии Технологии" в "Идеальном Театре" возникли, как стремление "спасти" тексты сайта "Фильм-Север" ( ), как "зеркало", но постепенно, как обычно и бывает, стали жить своей жизнью, и по-русски.


"Мы живем не на чужой только счет, не на счет лишь слепой природы, а также и на счет себе подобных, даже самых близких, заменяя, вытесняя их; и такое существование делает нас не только недостойными, но и преступными... Сознание, что долг этот не оплачен, есть сознание своей зависимости, рабства, невольности, смертности, словом, небратства. В неоплаченном долге заключается наказание рабством, смертью. Оплаченный долг есть возвращение жизни своим родителям, т. е. долга своим кредиторам, и через то - свободы себе".<<69>> Fedorov
2005 & After

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Theology of Technology

... nonfiction of stage:
Silent Philosophy?
Events are bigger than people think. Francois Guizot

Yes, we do not understand what we are going through. We do not know how radical our times are... We are the conditions for the future. "For God, history is a landscape of events." Deleuze (A Landscape of Events, viii). Look, look, you can read the future by watching ourselves!

I know, you are blind; you are watching TV, instead of seeing it. You hear the news, instead of "reading" the events. I know, you are shocked -- this is the only way for you to tolerate the speed, the changes. You have to be stupid by any cost in order not to go mad. I understand, I am one of you. Like children, who are not aware of themselves in order to grow fast. I uderstand that you do not want to know that we are the REVOLUTION! Yes, the bigest one history ever known. A few thousand years later they will mark or time as "before them" and "after"...

Before and after what?

Before the birth of God (not Christ) and after, my friends. Oh, you still think that this is "Big Brother" stuff, communism and socialism in various forms of goverment programs, the "Homeland Security" thing, globalization and etc. -- I see, you do not want to see the big picture. You do not understand what "technology" is, you say things, but do not understand what you are saying and doing. Yes, like children, I say.

... 7.7.03. I saw myself in my dream and for the first time I liked myself. A good looking old man, light and with the smilling eyes. Is it me? But I knew that this happy old man fast walking on the other side of the street is me. He didn't see me, maybe because he was me. But was this I who followed the man? I didn't dare to stop and ask him -- what has happened to me. I was happy that I still have a chance to be like him.

It was sunny summer day and I lost him on the streets of this town resembling all the cities I love.

I always hope that I will get better with age. I believed that future is good. I still do. It was a good dream. I woke up, it was sunny day, noon.


My notes regarding technology: (I needed it for other writing projects -- POV, Self, PostAmeriKa). The thought behind it has a long history, and it goes back to my Moscow years, when I was majoring in thermodynamics. Since I wasn't meant for math and physics, I spent many hours reading the old books in the Historical Library. The books were pre-revolutionary (before 1917) translations of the theological writers. (I don't remember how I manage to obtain the permission for reading the off-public-limits books).

Strange, but I saw my answers in those books and not in the lectures at the Moscow Energy Institute. The early Christianity is full of physics, perhaps because they wanted to explain the world, when they were speaking of God.

I come from the opposite side of the riddle, I am at the end. We are looking not for understanding of heavens, we build them. I met my fathers and brothers of Christian thought because I wanted to understand not the Other World, but my own. I still try to do it.

.... I don't know, if I will finish this book, the last one, before I die. It doesn't bother me anymore. We are so far from the place, where time becomes space, we are too far from the moment when God will be born...

What is ahead? It's easy. Use your imagination, Anatoly. You don't need God or Spirits, it's rather simple -- and this why you do not need anybody to walk you through your future. You can do it by yourself. How?

It's in your dreams! Do I have to introduce you to you, Anatoly?

All you have to do is to remember your dreams. And, yes, you have to write it down, it was the deal -- the rules are the rules.

Yes, you will fall asleep -- and you will see it.

... Read another title page!

You see, you better get use to this new POMO world with two entrances (which one is right?), several endings -- oh, friends, this is only third thousand years AC! Wait and see what is ahead!

Well, I can't wait. I don't have the time. Let me tell you what any kid in future would know. Yes, yes, about the creation of God...

I see, you are still uneasy about this stuff. Listen, God will be like it was said -- everywhere and invisible, you know. Don't punic, we know what we're doing.

What are saying, Anatoly -- God doesn't exist?

Heck! That is why I want you to understand pomo mentality! If something will exist, on the eternity level it does exist already! Airplane existed ten thousand years ago, they simply didn't know it!

( Почему я не думаю о читателе? Потому что ДУМАЮ! О том, как понять, а не как поймут. Я не понимаю -- куда там "обьяснять"! )

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2006: "Книга Дурака" ("Новый Русский и Новый Американец") на русском и срастается с "Теологией Технологии" -- почему?

PS. Sorry, folks, I feel that I haven't explained this stuff about resurrection, second coming and so on. The church got stuck with its traditional chronology and theology should be taken away from them long ago. They do not understand that the birth of Christ lead to the Era of the Holy Ghost (the period we are entering now) and the Father's Time is after it. Unfortunately, I can't talk about it too much, this is too obvious, I better spend my time on details, which are more complex than periodization.

Trey to think, as they say, "out of the box" -- try to travel ahead and then look back. You see what I see? No?

This is what I mean! They should explain long ago what Holy Ghost is about! And this empty talk about "love" -- when in every high-tech product so much love! Jesus Christ! Do I need to write about it? Am I the only one who saw TV and used airlines?

PPS. The visuals. This is the problem. If only I could find the right pix, you would understand what I mean at once, but I am limited by the present and the past in illustrating my point. Nevertheless, you can see a lot of the future images in the pictures of the past. In fact, future is rather simple; it is what we asked about in the past. Maybe not one to one, but close. Not according to Leonardo or Dante, but we can read through their historical limitations. Of course, Father is not that bearded old Santa, and Zeus wasn't literaly sleeping with girls, but the electricity part they got right. Go to Vatican and look at the celing again; now, tell me -- who gives life to whom? You see what I mean?

Anyway, I will try to work on the slide presentation, ladies and gentlemen.

PPPS. "Theology of Technology" (Tech) is the last book in the cycle and I get to it last. Do not expect many new texts and pages. I have to write other books first, including the stupid textbooks. FYI, great or stupid books take the same time to write, believe it or not.

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2006: Книга Дурака

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