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Project 2009 ... short-story and long story.

Also, new story and old story.


TECH * the old news are at the bottom!
N: Что доказывает Возрождение? То, что царство «индивида» может бить лишь краткосрочным.
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TECH notes


I hope you realize that you are reading the web version of the book and therefore it has to have this page NEW.

I have to find it for the web version of the book -- the visual style.

The sounds and pix could be too strong and kill the text all together.

Watch it!

Bad Theories, Wrong Subjects +


Bringing in Webman's Diary!

3.26.04. The Film600 pages are for "new" feelings of POMO; re-definitions of the old categories (love, man, child, birth and etc.) -- sort of dictionary for TECH. "Bad Theory, Wrong Subjects" -- another "eye" logo!

"Я = Ты" ... радикальная формула. Почему мы смиряемся с потерей близкого человека, почему не умираем? Смешно спрашивать в 57 вопросы, которые задает семилетний. TECH:

... The crowd of gods, all. Hard to believe.

Why? The times of the Greeks. All have their places...

Shakespeare and Chekhov. They struggle, influence others. They are real and have their own personal natures and qualities, hierarchy. The Old and the New...

They were mortals and they know our passions and weaknesses.

They can possess you, there presence is everywhere in the second, our, human, universe. The demons of history, the rulers of nations and families (relatives).

The unknown gods, invisible, nameless.

They favor one hero other the other... ...

2005 & After
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New. Новое

Никогда не узнаю, прав ли, что поверил этому примитивному электронному письму. Возможно от слабости, но хочется верить, что от сознания "вторичности" традиционного стиля. Словно "изображаю" писателя. Какие тут писатели! ... Я читать перестал. Иногда перечитываю. Да еще стихи. Как утраченные чувства. Может даже с завистью к тому, что испытать мне не дано. ... И картины писать перестал.... [ru/en] [VT] virtual theatre blog

... When you write online, you always have something new.

As a WeBook "Tech" is about to evolve as normal websites do.

With the web versions, they are only the fragments of the text-only book, I have to play many roles -- artist, designer, producer, and etc.

One thought doesn't leave me -- I feel that webpages must conflict with the print-text pages. Why? Because it in the public place, in the crowd, for surfers and window shoppers, not real readers. I make online, like a street clown, I have to organize them as attractions... or not to bother at all. this is again very postmodern notion -- the self-parody (click on the pix to see page from Playscript Analysis class on the subject).

In the sense web version is only a commercial for the book.

Maybe I will use it as a background....

I do not have much of this stuff, I have to collect, maybe play with the images, or to refer to other sites (there are many).

.... Webmaster's notes.

This image (evil woman) sent to me by the Photoshop artist I use to explain the difference between Art and Culture, to illustrate that Popular Art is not art, that there is a serious conflict between Art and Culture. Not less than between culture and civilization. They are opposite.

PostAmerican Age is global and it's civilization; use and death of culture and Art. This is a subject fully discussed by postmodern writers.

I not sure that I can maintain the contrast between this kind of visuals and the texts, but it helps me not to be too serious as a writer.

I must not lose the sense of irony. This is the last book!

The same with the music!

No more "Classics"? Or in clash with the classical music?

Even my usual layout is wrong. This baby-pink is not enough (read the book). I would like to use the cultural evolution back to the beginning (my birth) back to the Creation (that's the story).

I suspect that I keep that ugly title TECH for the same reason, to contrast the ugliness with beauty.

Конечно, хочется законченности, завершенности. Целого. Как тогда, когда было рождение и смерть, времена года, восход, дождь... Ничего этого больше нет. Говорю это, живя семнадцать лет за полярным кругом. Ну иногда бывает слишком холодно, иногда замечаешь страшные для всего живого холода. А так, живешь, как космонавт. Между тобой и жизнью стены...

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Много новых страниц в "Новом Русском" : 2006 -- новый "проект" (между "Антохины" и "Отец-Россия", и "После Америки")... Тут и Федоров и Вернадский. Насколько интересен русский космизм американскому читателю? Экология стала политикой, а метафизика где?

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Эх, русские мечтатели! Революционеры по духу, приняли и Сталина. И что отдельная жизнь, в самом деле? Речь идет об эпохах, прогрессе человечества. Сколько тут "духовного", когда земное потеряно, смертное и прекрасное.



... 2008 summer updates : "noocracy" group !

... I wish I could re-read the old texts, before I touch new ones.

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