* 2007 [ru] -- 2008 : some writing I have to continue in English to keep myself away from "literature"...

Why do Americans prefer the word "Space" and not "Cosmos"?

As opposite to "Earth"?

But (human) cosmos starts here!


... Where is my "Manifesto" of the citizen of the world?

I do not have one. It's my reality. Too late to dream about it.

Blogs to list + new domains

* filmplus.org/2008 is the page to keep the links2008 in one place [ for now ].

Blog/diary to follow u21.us project? myspace.com/anatolant + W-blog + anatolant.vox.com?

TECH blog?

... pomism

Maybe here? Year 3000 : aristocracy and/or nobility: "The quality or state of being noble; superiority of mind or of character; commanding excellence; eminence." [ u21.us ]

2009 Project Utopia : filmplus.org/album -- is it possible that I am completely confusing myself? Very possible.


Tech2.0 * View from the Future * Life = Love: