New draft : Tech2 or Tech0.2

... visual or/and in Russian?

Почему по-русски? Словно "художественности" не хватает, "литературы"...

Уж не книгу ты хочешь писать, Антохин?


... Godot, speak!

Project 2009

Project 2009

How will I do it?

I write about it, the world is doing it -- the work, not knowing why.

Should they know? Maybe not.

I do not have to keep it secret. Nobody believes me. The great secret is safe.

The world is making it reality --

My business is the visions --


Short-story : Resurrection exists.

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + past + present + future + death + sex + resurrection +
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Коненков считал, что конец света наступил, когда он родился. Т.е. задолго до моего рождения.

Но мысль верная. Каждое рождение и есть конец "старого" (прошлого?) -- и только человечество способно (должно быть) бессмертно.

... My relatives : Antohin (died somewhere after 1975 in USSR), Anatoly (mostly American), anatolant (mostly webmaster), ant (present).




Godot watches Caligari's dreams?


Theology of Technology

Теология Технологии (Тайные Чтения о Будущем)

It must be secret readings...

ant said.

aBook + TECH =

2008 and 2009 ? Project 2009!

... and virtual theatre : Utopia Project (Идеальный Театр = Утопия)

It is secret, because nobody knows about it.

Secrets must be return to the world.

What is future without secrets?

... Year 3000 : aristocracy and/or nobility: "The quality or state of being noble; superiority of mind or of character; commanding excellence; eminence." [ ] -- now!

2006: Книга Дурака

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... summer memories:

My Alaskan nights as African days...